Dyer Island Seafront Accommodation in Kleinbaai, South Africa offering Shark Diving tours.

Kleinbaai is the centre of the shark-cage diving activity in South Africa.

From Kleinbaai, a small natural harbour on Dangerpoint Peninsula, boats leave every morning to take travellers out to view the Great White Sharks. And if you dare get into the diving cage, you might have the chance to see them up very close indeed!

The specially designed shark diving cage is very secure, and floats with part of the cage out of the water. Divers are never more than one meter below the surface and air is supplied from a cylinder on the boat so no bulky scuba equipment is needed. All of the necessary diving equipment is supplied, and all shark diving operators have to comply with strict safety rules set out by the South African government.

The best time of year to view great white sharks is from June to September. During this time 4 or 5 sharks are usually encountered in a day, but as many as 18 have been seen. This high season corresponds with the South African winter, and winter storms can prevent boats from launching so schedule a few additional days into your itinerary.

Not only is Dyer Island View Seafront Accommodation located only a couple of hundred metres from the shark-diving organisations, but Hendrik and Annetjie are regularly visited by shark-enthusiasts such as Andre Hartman (www.andrehartman.com) , and we arrange bookings for shark cage diving and whale watching or all-inclusive expeditions.

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